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Native Plant List for Birds

Photo by Miranda Kennedy

Today Miranda and I (mostly Miranda!) spoke about native San Diego plants that were best for birds. Miranda’s excellent bird photography and her in depth knowledge of wildlife behavior made our talk for the Audubon San Diego Bird Conference very informative. She is always fun to speak with, too. We presented a slide at the end that listed plants that were featured in the presentation and I promised to post it here. By no means is this an exhaustive list; birds will take advantage of any resources they can to survive. However these plants can be purchased and planted in landscapes (we notably left off the poison oak in the above photo, which is a excellent food and habitat plant, especially for towhees who prefer to nest in it!). And here it is:


  • Diane

    Rosana, thanks for reading and commenting. Native trees and plants are the best source of food and habitat for native animals and it is so important that we use as many as possible in our gardens. There are a lot of options! Take care, Diane

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