Permaculture and Edible Forest Gardening Adventures

Spring Equinox at Finch Frolic Garden

We had the perfect 20th of March, 2022. A hard but brief rain soaked the ground last night, and the morning cleared and warmed. Miranda identified 34 species of birds in or over the garden in a few hours. Many flowers were open, and the trees continued the rain as the breeze shook water from their leaves allowing it to gently sink into the soil. Below are some photos I took as we walked the property before our first Open Tour of the year. I also took a short video which pans too quickly and doesn’t by any means convey the color and sound of this beautiful morning. However, I have to share the blooming Wisteria, California Redbud, Flannelbush and so much more. I only regret that I can’t share the heavy scent of flowers and wet mulch that perfumed the air. Happy Spring.

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A hummingbird is busy eating insects over our large pond. The pond is unlined and balanced by fish and plants. The yellow flag iris is just beginning to bloom. The foliage on the raft has been flattened by four racoon siblings who love to swim. Birds are singing after an evening rain shower. A perfect Sunday morning in Spring at Finch Frolic Garden Permaculture. (Please forgive the camera noise.)

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