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The August Garden

Plants have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the constant irrigation from the well, and the garden is flourishing.  So, unfortunately, is the Bermuda grass, but that is another tale.  Since I see it everyday I don’t notice the change so much, but when I show someone around I am thrilled all over again with the incredible change that has happened on this property.  There are so many birds, insects, reptiles and other animals either already here or scouting it out that I know the project is a success.  It is a habitat, not just for me and my family, but for native flora and fauna as well.  It wasn’t so long ago that I had a cracked, weedy asphalt driveway, a termite-ridden rickety porch that needed pest control, a house with a stinky deteriorating carpet and old splotchy paint, a tile kitchen counter with the grout gone in between and a cleaning nightmare, and a yard full of snails, weeds and Washingtonia palm trees, with the embankment eroding each rainfall.  Over the last four years we’ve survived some pretty intense construction projects (none of which were done on time, no matter what they promised!).  My house still has some repairs that need to be done but I no longer am embarrassed to have anyone over.  The  garden is wonderful to walk in and explore.  I’ve taken some photos this evening to show you how things are growing:

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