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First Trees Planted!

Fruit trees ready for planting.

Hello!  I’m endeavoring to update daily.  So much is going on!  My existing pond has been filled with Pacific Chorus Frogs doing their part in both maintaining their noisy reputation and continuing their gene pool.  Lots of spawn!  I can’t clean out the algae until they’ve hatched and metamorphed into frogs, otherwise the mosquito fish will get them. 

Anyway, the above photo is of the beginning nursery, where I’ve potted up many bareroot fruit trees and vines so that they are ready to plant.  Its at the end of bareroot season here in San Diego, although its the beginning of it elsewhere.  Pecans and almonds will be available in May. 

A future covered walkway.

How exciting is this?  I’ve always envied the walkways where the trees grow together overhead, and voila!  I have one!  A Liquidamber Pathway.  Did you know that Liquidamber styraciflua, or Sweetgum, comes in a variety of Fall colors?  From dark red to lightest of yellow.  What a beautiful Autumn it will be! 

Tomorrow rain is predicted with heavy showers on Saturday and temperatures down to the low 20’s.  Here in Southern California that spells trouble for our citrus and avocado crops, and all our frost-tender ornamentals.  Perhaps on one of the rain days I’ll tell my very creepy waterlily story.  Waterlilys creepy?  Ohhhh yeahhhhh.

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