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Happy New Year

This year has been a long series of kicks to the teeth. So I was thinking, what could be a better way to close it out than like a Jackie Chan action movie from the ’90s? — with a blooper reel.

All year, we’ve had wonderful sightings, fascinating behaviors, and amazing interactions play out on the wildlife cameras. Not all of these have evoked the majestic spirit of nature. Sometimes, we just be livin’, amiright?

Please enjoy — and have a very caring, safe, and happy 2021.

Camera Adjustment

The raccoons help with this a lot. Frequently. With muddy feet.

So helpful.
Not her best angle…. It’s hard to be a momma poss with a pouch full of little posses!

Yes, Sir, I Like to Boogie

Non-native rat with, apparently, a wiggly tail.

Whoa — there’s something in that bag!

House Wren parents nervous about delivering food to chicks in a nest inside a paper bag of pots in the greenhouse after something was changed in the greenhouse.

“Darling, I don’t think my caterpillar collection is as safe in that bag as we thought it would be….”

A Closer Look

Curious coyote

At Home

Mama raccoon takes care of an itch in a leisurely way while her kit keeps its hands busy.

Tall Tail

Striped Skunk tail cameo.
“Yeah, I didn’t think it was a good time to play, either….”

Forgot Something

Native Deer Mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus gambelii, racks up mileage on the railing top.

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