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The Coon Saga: The Luck of the Draw


Long before the ponds were put in, the property was still home to a gregarious population of raccoons, due to the small seasonal stream that cuts the western end of our land. Most particularly, a mother coon would always set up stakes in our area and rear her brood to wash their scavenged tidbits in our birdbath and roll our firewood across the porch in search of mice.

Baby coons are a lot of trouble. Mama always has a lot on her scary, leathery little hands. Usually two to three kits at a time, brimming with her own casual greed and entitled curiosity but without — yet — her seasoned edge of belligerent caution, they tumble and squabble, wander and sneak and thieve their way through summer’s kithood until they disperse to independent mischiefs and leave their mother with a brief respite before she’s thrust back into the whole ordeal again (and that’s another story right there…).

KIT: I wonder where Mama is…
MAMA, to camera: Srsly. I said “Stay on the fence,” and this is what they do to me. These kids, you know? BTW, I will bite your face off of your skull if you come any closer.
(This chain link is directly below the kit on the wood fence in the previous picture.)

This year, the local mama coon has been blessed with quadruplets.

Notice Mama top right.

Needless to say, the cameras have been providing plenty of schadenfreude over the last few months.

Oh look, a moment by herself to have a nice little hunt for her own supper. Feels like there’s something there….
Oooo! Get inta this….
…and baby wants some!
Oh well.

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