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Puppy Time


Four silly yappi-yotes!

We viewed the latest batch of wildlife camera photos the other day and were treated to a stop-motion movie of young coyote antics in the back of the little pond. Every year, we’ve only had the evidence of crepuscular play, so it’s nice to finally get an idea of what shenanigans resulted in the traces left for us (I refer you to the episode of the Great Snake Vanishment). Critically, we gleaned important clues in the mystery of how the hose that tops up the ponds from the well got kinked; 12 hours we put the station on, and the pond level got lower!
Puppies, y’know?

* Yeah. We do good work. *


  • Diane

    Vicky, they may try . Quentin might be able to help. Otherwise, I have a friend who is setting up a hive and may not have bees yet. If Hivesavers doesn’t come through, email me and I’ll send you his information to pass on. Thanks!

  • Miranda

    Quentin Alexander (Hive Savers) is a great guy dedicated to the welfare of naturalized European Honeybees in the area. Hopefully he’s still able to continue his work rehoming colonies; it’s been a few years since he worked with us. All his contact information is on his website:

  • Vicky

    Do you know any bee lover who would like to save a bee hive in Fallbrook. The beehive
    E is in a bird box where some birds were building a nest but not anymore! The owner cannot pay but would like to give the hive to someone

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