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The Nest


Creative thinking, recycling, scrounging for materials, looking through books for ideas… it can add up to wondrous creations.  After seeing a hut built like a nest in a book, Roger Boddaert who is installing my permascape garden pulled together a lot of scraps and came up with my own nest.   He and his team worked magic.

Three palm trees that had been, well, decapitated, then stripped of their calyxes, became the main pillars for the structure.

Creative Direction

Old wire that was left over from old gardening trellises and even from the previous owner was wrapped around more palm trunks moved over for the framing.

Bundling Grape Vines
Wood from the sheds that had been destroyed was used for a window and doorways.  Then grape vine cuttings that Roger’s neighbor had left over from his vineyard were bundled up and tied onto the wire frame with wire.
Old shed wood for frames
Wisteria and jasmine, among other plants, will eventually grow all over this trellis.
Straw will be strewn on the ground

More vining plants are planted inside.

Abutilon planted inside

An old gate left over from the original owners… who  probably reused it from something else.

Old Gate

To do the roof, Juan made due with what he had.

Roof access


Then stretched just a little more!

Precarious Perch

With a wall made of broken cement to define the walkway and planted areas, it is finished.


Inside a palm tree forms a bench.

The Inside

All the times I mowed around these palm trees can be forgotten as they are now exotic support beams.

Rooted palm pillars

A little bit on the crazy, fairy-story side, this structure will only mature as the vines take over.  What a great addition to the garden!

Magic Hut






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