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What I Punch Now

Sundial on the stump

Its a Thyme Clock.  So clever of me, I can hardly stand it.  There is a sundial that I picked up at a thrift store, which sits on a stump.  Around it are planted fourteen kinds of thyme!  A Thyme Clock!  I don’t have to punch a time clock at work… I can ‘punch’ (theoretically speaking that is) a Thyme Clock in my yard!  (Or is the concept of a time clock too lost in history?).  Ha!!!!

Sorry.  Too much time in the sun (or should I say Thyme in the sun!) preparing for the Garden Tour tomorrow.  I’m thinking its bedtime.  Or bedthyme!!!  No, it won’t stop anythyme soon.  But it must, somethyme.

Sorry again.

The Thyme Clock

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