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Earth Day at Finch Frolic

Snowy egret hunting. "Get the bullfrogs!"

In celebration of Earth Day, I worked in the garden.  You can stop laughing now.  Yes, I know that I work in the garden nearly every day, and then spend time not volunteering or exercising, recovering from working in the garden.  It was an overcast day, which beach-bound teenagers probably cursed, but I found perfect for working outside.

Roses in bloom everywhere.

I had a visitor wishing me a Happy Earth Day.

Do you notice anything about this wreath?

This is an alligator lizard.


Hopefully he enjoyed the ride as I opened and closed the door several times to photograph him.

Alligator lizard from inside.

Among other things today, I sifted compost.  I had moved my compost bin, and this good compost was still on the ground from where it had been.

Sifting compost through a screen.

I put it into a new raised (and wire-lined) bed.

Adding sifted compost to the bed, which has been dusted with organic non-animal based fertilizer.

Then I planted two rows of rice in it. Yes, rice.  It is an heirloom variety from Baker Creek Organic Heirloom Seeds (, and it doesn’t need to stand in water to grow.  Just something new and fun to try out.

The rubber snake guards a freshly planted bed of rice.

I’m also growing red seeded asparagus beans, the seeds of which were given to me by the woman who made the quail house.  She also introduced me to Baker Creek, and for that I’m sincerely indebted. ( .)

Spinach, carrots, edamame, sesame, Kentucky pole beans, endive and tomatoes are finally coming up.

The other veggie beds are finally sprouting, now that the evenings have warmed up.

Collards and carrots, transplanted from another bed and doing well.
An incredible parsley setting seed, peas, parsnips, spinach, rhubarb, carrots and beans.








Castor bean seeds were in the mushroom compost, and I'm pulling them quickly.

Here are a few views from other areas of the garden.  Three weeds until the AAUW Garden Tour.  Yikes!

General Mischief waiting near the quail house for dinner. The hose connects to the 700 gallons of cootie water (compost tea) and is irrigating native plants.










A happy harvest. Strawberries and eggs. I'm freezing the berries for later to make jam.
Lamb's Ear, whitebud, passionfruit and Bermuda grass



Stunning blue iris in the pond.
Fringe tree in bloom.





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