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What I Accomplished Today

It takes a village... to put on a roof! (Thanks, Julie, for the photo.)

The roof of the greenhouse was lifted by a whole group of my friends, who all helped to try and fit it onto the base.  After a good half an hour of futzing, we gave up and left it.  The roof was on but wouldn’t slide into place anywhere.  Today I returned to spray it with cooking oil, bathe it in soapy warm water, pour capfuls of boiling water onto it, and remeasure and re-balance the entire thing.  Still no luck.  I circled around it dozens of times poking and prying at the panels with the included glazing tool.  Finally, I put the door on (which wasn’t easy, either), and said, “That’s it for today, folks!”  Tomorrow I’ll try their customer service and see if they have any miracle solutions.

The roof is (almost) on.

Besides that, though, I hooked up my outdoor sink!  Something I’ve wanted for at least ten years.  I saved the kitchen sink when I had my kitchen remodeled and it has been disappearing under red apple iceplant between times I’ve had to lug it into a new storage place.  Now it sits on top of an old fishtank stand, which stands on the top of an old picnic table.  I bought an extremely cheap plastic shower sprayer and connected it to a garden hose and… voila!  An outdoor sink!  Two buckets underneath catch water.  Now not only can I wash my hands, but I can rinse my veggies (especially the root veggies) outdoors and throw all that good dirty water right back into the garden.  Some women want diamonds… silly them!  They don’t know about outdoor sinks!

My outdoor sink! Not beautiful, but 100% recycled! Maybe I should make a little curtain for it.

I also was industrious and fixed a leaky water pipe, attached handles to the doors of my two sheds,

Shiny handles. Its the small things in life that can make you happy.

and planted many flower bulbs.  The bulbs were purchased in a bulb frenzy, as I am wont to experience, before Christmas.  They all should have been in the ground already, but I only managed some daffodils which are now coming up.  All around the trees I’m planting ranunculus, daffodils, crocus, tulips (with protection!), and my favorite flower scent freesia.  A productive day, even if the @#$%* greenhouse roof didn’t fit yet!

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