Giving Back


Assortment of edible pumpkins and squashes on their way to the Food Pantry

If you have extra fresh fruit or vegetables from your yard or garden, or canned goods, please keep the Fallbrook Food Pantry in mind.  They need fresh food as well as canned, all the time.  The people who pick up weekly supplemental food are screened, given an ID card, and must prove that their income is below the Federal Poverty Level.  These people are single parents, people with injuries, the elderly, school children and babies, and they all must have food to live.  Instead of sending money and effort to people in other countries, why not help your neighbors?  Pick your limes, lemons, oranges, gather your squash and donate to the Pantry.  It is quick, easy, and helps people stay healthy and focused on getting through their day.  With Thanksgiving feasting upon us, please think of those who just want to eat.



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