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Until Next Week….

I’m about to do the drive from Fallbrook, CA (in San Diego County) to Corvallis, OR again.  Almost exactly a thousand miles.  I’ll be back home in six days (I’ll be blogging as I go, though!).  However, the day before a trip I get a little crazy.  I whip myself into a cleaning and organizing fury.  Part of it is that I like to come back to a clean house.  Part of it is that I have a lot of animals and I want to make sure that they are all as set up as possible with food, water and clean bedding, even though they’ll be taken care of on a daily basis while I’m gone.  Part of it is that I get a kick out of multi-tasking and coordinating, and I burn off a lot of pre-travel worry this way.  I shop and stock up on animal food, I do laundry, hauling wet sheets and rugs out to the clothes line and back in again. I cook, take out recyclables and trash, pack and blog. I soak and scrub cat and dog dishes, I sweep the walkway (why?  I don’t know.  It will be gunky by the time I get back), I clean out the last of the honey that is dripping from crushed comb and give the bucket to the bees to clean up.  (Straw on the bottom keeps the bees from becoming stuck in the honey and drowning.)

Bees cleaning up honey

I water everything. I wash the dogs and their bedding. I leave unnecessary notes.

It is wise to keep out of my way on the day before a trip.

Work will go on in the yard while I’m away.  I’ll tune in next week to find out the answers for….

Will the lower pond be filled, and not look like green tea?

Pond algae

Will these palm trunks become a bridge?

Bridge pilons








Will these fancy new stairs made from cement chunks lead to something?

New Steps

Will the jasmine hedge still be blooming?

Jasmine Hedge






Will the giant sunflower ever look up?  Will the vining vegetables take over the property?

Garden Growing

Will whatever is eating the stairs leave any to walk on?

Chewed Steps


Will the subterranean irrigation lines be buried?

Irrigation lines


Will the kumquats ever get cuter? (Impossible.  Too fun a name, to say and to spell.  Go ahead, say it: “Kumquat, kumquat, kumquat.”  See?  Cute name for cute fruit.)






These and other questions will (in all probability) be answered next week.  Stay tuned for the answers… same bat time, same bat station.


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