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Pond Progress

Happy Earth Day!

As of today, I have a very large hole in the ground with a little puddle in it!

A Vernal Pool?

The major tractor work was finished by Dan Barnes (if you need mowing, disking, or any kind of tractor work, he’s the guy to call at 760-731-0985).  A pump was set up in our shallow well and it started… then stopped.  The water was so silty that it plugged the pump, and the refill rate isn’t very quick in the tube, either.  So unfortunately the goal of having a full pond by the end of the day today was not realized.

The Pump

Work will resume on Monday with a flushing of the well.  Dan found a lot more bottles buried in the  middle about three feet down.  No Inca gold, though.  Dan also moved some boulders around and disked the soil along the pathway that rainwater will take through the property.

Dragging Boulders
Tilled watercourse

Finish work with the small tractor will be done beginning next week.  The good thing about the pond not being filled yet, is that my dog General, who is a cross between two waterdogs, won’t be soaking wet for Easter.  He’s still enjoying being in the house while there are trucks and tractors in the yard.

Pond in the Evening with a set rock

Also today more stairs were created at my request by Roger’s team of Juan and Francisco in the area leading down the hill, which was just too slippery.  They squared up the hearts of some palms this time rather than just cutting off the tops. The resulting white rectangles look incredible.

Palm Stairs

I’ve noticed a lot more birds and lizards in the yard, even with the workmen disturbing the peace.  I really can’t wait until the project is finished and I have regained tranquility on my property.  After the ponds are in there is still more planting and irrigation to be installed.  Sigh.  Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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