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Yes There Is A Bleach Alternative That Works!

Bleach does wonders for whites, kills germs and purifies water.  It is also a toxic chemical, it kills the microbes in your septic tank, it corrodes what it touches and can do your lungs, skin and eyes major harm, especially when combined with other chemicals.  Many over-the-counter natural cleansers seem weak and probably don’t do a good job disinfecting, besides being very costly.  Here is a recipe for success: a safer bleach alternative that really works.  Vinegar is of course a fantastic cleaner, but if the pervasive smell of Easter eggs is too much for you, then how about the smell of citrus?  I have plenty of lime trees so I have an ongoing supply of lime juice, but an inexpensive bottle of lemon juice works as well.  I’m going to direct you to a blog link on Grit magazine’s ezine, because I certainly can’t do better than Lucy Razor’s very through and well-researched article.  So here is the recipe for natural bleach alternative.  Now go make up a batch!

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