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Mrs. Two Sheds

Two sheds seen through the veggie garden

Since I had the other enormous and disintegrating sheds taken down last February, freeing up space and providing a lot of materials to recycle into other incarnations on the property, I have had no place to protect my tools.  After much debate and shopping around I finally decided on Quality Sheds in Menifee.  They build sheds right on the property in a day and cost far less than hiring a carpenter to do it.  They offer a warranty on the materials as well.

Tall Gambrel with double door

In San Diego County you don’t need a building permit if the roof of the structure doesn’t exceed 120 square feet.  I purchased a 10 x 12′ tall gambrel shed, with a loft and windows installed by popular window companies (more at Maverick Windows website), as well as a 6 x8′ potting and tool shed with a workbench.   Not only did Quality sheds honor an outdated price sheet that I had, but gave me a discount for paying for two sheds and there was a 50% off sale on all ‘extras’ such as windows.

The loft

I had these two sheds built for less than half of what a smaller area was bid me by a carpenter, and the large shed was $3,000 less than a bid for a smaller shed.

Potting Shed

I still have to paint the sheds, and since the ground wasn’t level the sheds are propped up and to drive my mower in I’ll need to make a ramp.

Up on blocks


A little precarious

But finally!  Somewhere handy to store my tools and to putter around in.


Workbench in potting shed


Neither shed blocks a view, and they look natural where they are.  Although I wish that the ground had been leveled when I had asked when the tractor was here digging the pond, because I’ll have to replace the stacked wood props with cement blocks at some point.

Can’t wait to paint and finish the sheds!


Sheds reflecting in the pond… how poetic!


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