Well, Well, Well!

A Big Rig
The battle for the water looks as if it is slowly being won.  Today a 100 foot deep eight inch hole was drilled behind my pond.  I feel sorry for the earth, like a big mosquito has stabbed into it’s bedrock.

Fain drillers had quite a time maneurvering their truck in backwards.  A portion of the fence had to be removed for the ginormous truck to back in.  Then it had to move back and forth by inches to get around all the plants and rocks.

Backing through the fence
Backing down the property

Finally it was in place, and they balanced the truck with lifts so that the back end was off the ground!

Leveling the truck

Raising the drill bit was very impressive. It is so tall!

So tall!

As they drilled, up came slurry of  water, clay, and decomposed granite.

Water and slurry

They drilled 100 feet today, and and found water that is moving at about fifteen gallons per minute.

Adding bits

For the drip system, I only need a mere five.  However, I don’t know what may happen, if I may want to hook the house water up to the well some year or something.  If I have them drill more deeply  now since thieir truck is in the yard, the well might have a better rate of flow, better water, and possibly a more reliable supply.

Changing parts

What I have might be just fine, and there is no guarantee that anything will improve with more drilling.  I’ll make my descision over the weekend.  On Tuesday they’ll drill some more if I want it, then put in a casing, gravel around the casing, cement the top, and then we can lower the pump and get well water!  Cross my fingers!

Mean-looking grinding bit



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