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Brief Garden Updates

Palm Throne

I spent the day making two birthday cakes for my two children, both of whom will be flying in from different directions tomorrow.   Recipes will be the next thing I post!  So for now, just a few garden updates.  As you can see in the photo above, I have yet another palm throne, this one at the entrance to the garden.  These are so fun.  As the palms decompose, I can always plant in the seat! 

Six loads of rock

A total of six truckloads of rock have been delivered, and are piled in various areas on the property.  At about 12 tons a load, that’s over 700 tons of rock!  These will be used to surround the ponds, line the dry streambeds, and as interesting features in the natural garden. 

Garbage Can Enclosure

     Jay finished the enclosure for the garbage cans, and it is pretty ritzy.  Those incredible hinges are hand-made and you can see the imprint from the blacksmith’s tools on them.  Jay had several sets and I had to have them.  I go nuts over skilled craftsmanship, such as woodworking and metalwork.  Right now there is only a latch on the outside, so it would pay not to close the door while inside. It would be a little climb and a long reach to get out again. 

Frond Fence

Along the radically improved and stabalized area above the embankment, some of the chain link and posts used to hold the soil were showing.  So today lots of pond fronds (hey, we have a lot of them!) were being attached to the exposed fencing as camafloge.  It looks great in that area.  Also, little birds like house wrens love nipping between old palm fronds, and they’ll provide some hiding areas for the Western fence lizards, too.  The stairs were made from railroad ties, and the area around them planted and then mulched with palm chips. 

     In the bulb beds, one of my favorite daffodils has opened today, and unfortunately I was snapping photos in the evening and the close-ups were blurry. 
 At the bottom of the bulb photo are Hoop Petticoats, and at the top, Little Witches, which I wrote about the other day.  The little center unruffled hoops are so unique; besides Rip Van Winkle (which haven’t bloomed yet) these are my favorite.
     Also, Double Delight rose has bloomed.  It is a double delight because its coloration is gorgeous and ranges from almost pure reddish pink to almost all white with some red on large, softly ruffled blooms.  It also is extremely fragrant; my daughter said that it smelled the way rose water tastes, and that is perfectly true.     
 Meringue Mushrooms coming up soon!

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