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COVID tour attendees wear masks and keep appropriately and safely distant.

Finch Frolic Garden Permaculture has reopened for tours in July, 2020. Our monthly tour will be held on the third Sunday of the month, and private tours can be arranged. ALL VISITORS MUST WEAR MASKS, and social distancing will be observed. Please respect the health of those around you; the COVID-19 virus is NOT gone, and we here at FFG Permaculture are taking all precautions to insure your health safety and our own. If you show up for a tour without a mask, you may not attend the tour. We will cap all of our tours at 10 people maximum. 

Private tours of Finch Frolic Garden are held by appointment for groups of 5 – 10 people, Thursdays – Mondays.  Cost is $15 per person and the tour lasts about two hours. there is a base rate of $75 (or five people). Please reserve and receive directions through  Children 5 and under are free; ages 6 – 10 are $5. For school tours, there must be a minimum of five adults. Please, no pets.  Photos but no video are allowed.

Monthly Open Tours!  An Open Tour is for people who don’t have the five-person minimum for a group tour.  Open Tours will be held the third Sunday of every month, March through November (unless changed for a holiday or weather).  Tours begin promptly at 10 am.  All is the same as our private tours; you must RSVP for Open Tours at because our tour maximum is 10 people.

See details below:


Finch Frolic Garden

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Beautiful flowers, food, medicinal plants and building materials, all thrive in peaceful Finch Frolic Garden.  Winding paths bring the visitor through living buildings and bridges made of recycled materials.  Birds, butterflies and dragonflies are everywhere, as is the heady scent of fragrant plants and blooms.  An unlined pond, a cob pizza oven, a compost bathroom, bee hives and chickens are some of the highlights of a Finch Frolic Garden Tour.  Not one drop of chemical fertilizer, insecticide or herbicide is used on the property, so food and habitat is abundant.

Same view less than two years later.

Finch Frolic Garden: A Food Forest.

Find out how you can use permaculture techniques on your own property – no matter how large or small – on a Finch Frolic Garden tour.  Isn’t it time for you to enjoy your property inexpensively, and stop pouring good money after bad while receiving worse results every year?

Food abundance; truckloads are donated to the Fallbrook Food Pantry every year.Finch Frolic Garden is a 1.68-acre permaculture based habitat located in Fallbrook, CA.   It is privately owned by Diane Kennedy.  Finch Frolic Garden is not open for general public admission, but can be visited through privately arranged tours. This is an introduction to permaculture with basic landscape designs explained.  I show you how to use simple and  inexpensive methods to garden, harvest water, grow an abundance of food and ornamentals using materials you probably already have. Tours can be custom designed for your group’s interest.  The tour fee is only $15 per person, with group sizes between 5 and 15 (or for smaller groups, a $75 minimum fee). Our tours aren’t just a walk through the garden. They are a demonstration class of introduction to permaculture and sustainable living.  We give you ideas, resources, facts, and answer all your gardening questions.  The information can be applied to all gardens of any size, anywhere, and to gardeners of all physical ability and involvement.  The Garden is also a wonderful destination for a group outing, such as for plein air artists, photographers and bird watchers.

The finished pond attracts migrant and resident birds, animals and insects.

The natural pond attracts migrant and resident birds, animals and insects.

Groups wanting to enjoy the garden for artistic or meditative purposes can arrange a tour followed by free time in the garden, to a total of four hours.  A four-hour visit that includes a tour costs $50 per person.  Every visitor must sign a hold harmless form.  Please contact for more information at

A willow or 'withy' bird hide: a living building.

A willow or ‘withy’ bird hide: a living building.

Scout groups, home schooling groups and school field trips are welcome.  Hands-on projects can be arranged for merit badges or course curriculum.

Finch Frolic is habitat for everyone.

Finch Frolic is habitat for everyone.


An outdoor composting toilet.

An outdoor composting toilet.


Bamboo structures from building materials grown on site.

Bamboo structures from building materials grown on site.

Finch Frolic Gardens is not handicapped accessible, and parts of it has tricky footing.  Children are welcome but may not run free.  Pets are not permitted.  As this is a private residence the plants and food produced are not for picking unless directed by the guide.  Limited parking requires that groups carpool with no more than four vehicles. A waiver of liability must be signed by all participants.

Certified wildlife habitat from the National Wildlife Federation.

Certified wildlife habitat from the National Wildlife Federation.

I’m Diane Kennedy, and I’m a permaculturalist with my Permaculture Design Course certification, a blogger, freelance writer, naturalist and vegetarian.  I’m a former County of San Diego Senior Park Ranger, San Diego Zoo Safari Park tour guide, middle school librarian and lifelong organic gardener.  I have years of experience teaching all ages on a wide variety of topics.

Miranda Kennedy has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Wildlife Conservation.  She is on the board of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy and is a bird/insect/plant identifier and speaks on living with wildlife, and other topics.  She runs our Finch Frolic Facebook page, where she posts albums of insects and other animals identifying them and their role in the garden.  She is available for consultations about wildlife, native plants, native insects, and permaculture.

Exotic plants.

Exotic plants.

To inquire about visiting Finch Frolic Gardens, or about hiring us for teaching, lecturing, consultation or writing, please email me at with FFG Inquiry as the subject.



Thank you, and I hope we can help you create a food forest habitat in your own yard.

An egret hunts in the pond.

An egret hunts in the pond.


A bird's vacation home.

A bird’s vacation home.


Heirloom roses

Heirloom roses





Plants clean the natural ponds.

Plants clean the natural ponds.


Wildflowers and herbs.

Wildflowers and herbs.


An edible food forest.

A food forest.








40 thoughts on “Tour Details

  1. Hi Emma, its great to hear from you! I often think about you two as well, and hope you are doing fine. Yes, we are both very busy. I’m finishing a semester at Mira Costa virtually, and spring is here in the garden so lots to do. And I still have clients – the benefit of working outside and at a safe distance. Thanks for checking in! Diane

  2. Hi Diane, I’ve been wondering if you and Miranda are okay. Are you weathering the quarantine okay? I know you have plenty to keep you busy. Just wanted you to know that I think of you often.

  3. Hello Calvin, just dress for weather protection, and most people want to take notes. If you are interested in the August tour, please RSVP to my email as indicated. Thanks so much and I hope to see you then. Diane

  4. Hi Diane, unfortunately we don’t open until March 1. We are working on large projects and getting the garden in shape for another open season. I’m sorry that we’ll miss your sister’s visit. Thanks for wanting to visit! Directions to Finch Frolic are on this blog under the ‘directions’ tab at the top, I hope to see you with or without your sister. Thanks for reading! Diane

  5. Hi Diane,
    My sister is visiting from Virginia to my home in Oceanside this February. Will you be open? Would appreciate directions to your Gardens.

    Diane Linderman

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  7. Hi Maryanne, although we have Finches in our name, we don’t handle birds. We are a permaculture-based food forest with happy wild finches. I have passed on your comment to someone who cares for birds, so you should be hearing from her soon. Best of luck, Diane

  8. I have an aviary 5 X 5 X7 with zebra and spice finches. I an trying to relocate/rehome these birds. The zebra finches are sick and I am trying everything. If there is anyone that can help me please call Maryanne 760 809 6004 or email I am in Cardiff by the Sea. Thank you

  9. Hi Diane, how are you? Do you girls need any of my oak leaves for mulch or whatever? I’m going to have my guys rake it all up soon and just throw it out. If you come by to get it I want to show you my new neighbor’s Garden. he’s turned about an acre of his land into an amazing Garden. he’s a retired Nursery owner. Please let me know when you girls have another sale I want to get some more of your canned peaches. they were so good!

  10. Hi Diane,

    Out of the goodness of your heart it would please me so if you would send me your/a list of native plants and herbs, shrubs suitable (nitrogen fixing) for us! Please include any and all sources of plants and seeds where we can purchase these.

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Suki, thank you so much for coming! No, there isn’t a difficulty. I avoid using cardboard that has plastic in it, but otherwise its fine. That is because good soil fungus and microbes will break down the cardboard and isolate the toxins, making most of them inert. The Earth has myriad methods for healing and cleaning if we don’t get in her way. I’m far more concerned about using chlorine and chloramine treated water for irrigation, as it is death to microbes and fungus. These creatures take a hit with every watering and need to replenish their ranks, so there is always a struggle for optimum soil efficiency. You may have noticed how fast seeds grow after a rain, while others we cultivate and water in with domestic water can take longer, and the chemicals are part of the problem. But I digress. Don’t fear the cardboard; have faith in the fungi! Thanks! Diane

  12. Is there any problem with dioxin in the cardboard used with the mulching technique you describe in the garden tour?
    I was on your wonderful tour yesterday. I learned so many good techniques which I want to start using.

  13. Diane,

    I’ve been assuming all along that l am in the group that’s coming this Sunday, April 19th. I just realized I haven’t RSVP yet. I hope you are counting me in that group or that I am not too late sending my answer.

    Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your garden!


  14. Esther,
    I’ll put you down for one for Sunday, April 19th. I’ll send the directions to your email, and they are online as well. I look forward to meeting you! Diane

  15. Thank you Diane,

    I would be interested in the Monthly Open Tour. If possible, the one on April 19 or if it’s full already, then on May 17. I tried to put a group together with people I know but, couldn’t coordinate dates that worked for all involved.

    Hope there is some room for me in the next couple of months. If not, I’ll keepe trying!
    The Gaden seem very beautiful and there is a lot to learn too!

    Looking forward to visiting Finch Frolic Garden,


  16. Hi Esther. You can find our tour information on this website, under Finch Frolic Garden: Tours. We do group tours by appointment, or have an Open Tour once a month for the first 15 people to sign up (email me.)

  17. I am very interested in visiting Finch Frolic Gardens and would like to know how to register.
    You can reach me by email or by phone

    Thank you!


  18. Diane,
    I’ve signed up for Sunday through Meetup and would like to bring my son who is 22. This is our RSVP.

  19. Blanca,
    I’m sorry I didn’t see your post. I was asleep by that time last night because its been a very hectic week getting ready for this weekend, and just checked my emails this morning. The tour was full, with some extras. The garden will be closed for tours until March 1, and then we’ll have more open tours and pre-arranged tours. I’ll be posting them on my blog, or if you want, please email me at and I’ll put your email on our event notification email list. Thanks again and I’m sorry that we didn’t connect. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Diane

  20. Diane! I met you at the Soil Food Web Intensive and remember you mentioned having an open house this weekend. It is certainly short notice but I wanted to know if I may come by tomorrow at 10 to be part of your tour. Let me know! It will be just me! Blanca

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  22. Linda, I’m sorry that I didn’t respond sooner; my blog has suddenly stopped emailing me comments, and I just checked. The garden is at its peak vegetable production in July and August, but it is a lush garden all year. We close from Thanksgiving to March 1 due to weather and projects. We are having an Open Tour this Sunday, the 28th, at 10 am, and then not another one until the weekend before Thanksgiving, both Sat. and Sun. at 10. Otherwise we still book tours for groups of 5 – 15. Please email me at for other information. Thanks so much for your interest!

  23. Hi,
    I’m wondering if you got my question about bringing my hubby during the “best” time of year.
    I sent it yesterday because I was keeping open the possibility of coming soon. Thank you.

  24. Hi,

    Thank you so much for speaking at “Be Ready” last Sat. and inspiring us. I’m trying to figure out how to get my dear husband who generally avoids the outdoors to come and join me on one of your tours.
    Perhaps it would help to know if the end of the summer ( with the last of crops clinging to vines) or some other time of year may more likely engage him. If you have any thoughts, I’d appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time.
    Linda Kler

  25. Carey,
    wow am I just not thinking. I thought that you’d been through twice but saw your message and figured that I missed something. I replied before checking the sign-in sheets, so thanks for emailing me and pursing the request. I’m so happy that you visited and brought others with you; the more people implementing permaculture methods the better! Take care, and thanks again.

  26. Carey,
    I’m so sorry that I didn’t reply: apparently WordPress has decided not to send comment to my email without notifying me, so I didn’t know. I truly apologize. We are having more open tours this month, and I have them posted on the events page of the blog, but for a group of 5 or more I do tours by appointment most days. Please email me if you are still interested at Again, I very much apologize!

  27. Annie,
    I just saw your comment! Apparently WordPress isn’t sending me comments anymore, so I need to fix that. We will be having more Open Tours this month (Sept.), and a lecture on Oct. 11th. I’m updating the events page on Vegetariat today. So sorry! Diane

  28. Hi Diane, I’d like to come back for another tour on August 24 with my husband and 2 friends. Can you let me know if that is possible. Thank you!

  29. Hi Diane and Miranda,
    Will you be having any workshops or events in the coming months?
    You have created the conditions for a joyful sustainable place to arise and unfold naturally.
    with love and best wishes

  30. Hello. My wife and I have been researching and enjoying learning about permaculture for months now and moved to temecula from o.c a year ago. We have a bigger back yard now which brings us one step closer to making our permaculture garden a reality. We would love to take a tour if it’s possible for just the two of us and our new daughter.

  31. Thank you for contacting me! Any relative of Judy’s has to be wonderful. Unfortunately Finch Frolic is closed until March 1 as my daughter and I work on some large projects. We’ll begin tours again when the spring blooms have begun. I’ll keep updating the Finch Frolic tab on the website. I’m glad that you like the tomato jam. We’re sold out of both kinds, and won’t be able to make more until summer when it is tomato season. I hope to meet you and your husband in the spring.
    Happy New Year, and thanks again,

  32. We will be in your area today through Monday and would like to visit. We don’t really need a tour, but would like to wander. My husband is an artist, and I like to play. We heard about you from our niece, Judy Egan. I am the aunt you graciously shared the green tomato recipe with during the holidays. As promised, I would also like to buy some from you this weekend!

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