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Looking to incorporate  permaculture designs in your yard, but are not sure where and how to begin?  I can help.  Want  to know what kind of plants are already growing on your property so that you can read your land?  Know what plants to pull and what to leave, and what to eat? My daughter Miranda Kennedy can help.

We are experienced consultants, having helped many homeowners, business people and schools with money and water-saving designs.  We understand that everyone’s needs are different, and budgets are important, so we give you the most in the least amount of time.

Our consultations are Site Evaluations: I send a questionnaire to you prior to the appointment to make you think about what you really want, and to give me specifics so that I can give you accurate suggestions.  When I visit we review your answers so that I can see your property with the right ‘eyes’, and then take a walk around your property.  I give recommendations and ideas to you as we go and you can either write down the information, or record, as long as the recording is for personal use only. I give lots of information, so be prepared! If I don’t have an answer I’ll research it later and email it to you. You are in control of the time I spend at your property; most consultations run about 2 hours, but can be 1 hour on, entirely depending upon your needs.

Our success is when you begin to see the possibilities and solutions in your property, not just the problems.

I have resources listed on this blog and am always happy to answer questions from my clients about what we discussed via email for no additional cost.

I want to educate and help people garden naturally; I think it is one of the most important things we as homeowners can do for ourselves and our Earth.  Therefore I keep my fees very low.  I charge  $50 per hour; over 15 minutes past the hour rolls to the next hour. My time starts at your door.  If you live more than fifty miles away from Fallbrook I also charge $20 gas money, and $10 for each additional ten miles beyond that. Our time at your home is entirely in your control.  

If you have workers to install the garden who need guidance, I can give an on-site workshop for them at my usual rate of $50/hour to  show them how to dig a swale, how to hugelkultur, and any other instruction they may need.  I can assist further with the garden installation if desired.

Miranda can tell you all about your plants and wildlife; if she doesn’t know it on site, then she photographs it and researches it afterwards, and can send you a detailed report.  She often assists me during my consultations.  Miranda graduated from Oregon State University in June, 2013, from the Fisheries and Wildlife Dept.  She studied Wildlife Conservation, with a concentration on wild birds. She is on the board of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy, and a volunteer with their Native Plant Restoration Team. She is active on the top bird, insect and plant identification sites, both posting answers and searching for identifications.  Miranda lectures, writes the Finch Frolic Facebook page posts on insects and animals found on site, and loves to find out what roles they play in the balance of nature.  She charges $50/hour consultation fee, and will send you a detailed identification list of species on your site.

I have my Permaculture Design Certificate, and studied Nursery and Landscape Design at Mesa College, as well as having been an organic gardener for most of my life and a permaculturalist since 2011. My daughter and I maintain Finch Frolic Garden ourselves, so we have lots of hands-on experience.  I have advised many happy clients on how to make the garden they desire on a small budget, using permaculture techniques. Please see our Testimonials page.

Please contact either of us at to set up a consultation.  We will do our very best to make you thrilled and excited about your property!

9 thoughts on “Permaculture Consultations

  1. Good Morning, I would like to bring a small group of ladies, from my garden club (10 or 12) to your garden
    I understand about the headcount & money for a tour. When would be a good time for us to come? When
    meet on the third Tuesday of the month. Would this be a bad time of week or could you give me some
    guidelines as to when we could visit, it could be within the next 8 months. Could you let me know.
    Thank you, Kathleen Delancey

  2. Hi Brooke,
    there is a ‘subscribe’button on the web page now. You should receive an email when there is a new blogpost. I haven’t found a reliable way to have the full post appear in your email though, due to photo size. I’m continuing with the research.

  3. Hi Brooke. Thank you for commenting. I’m looking into this and I’ll get back with you. Networked Blogs should be emailing notifications, but not the full blogpost. Good for you for doing what is so much more important! Diane

  4. Having trouble finding where to subscribe your blog. Can you help me out? I’d like to get your posts via email. I try not to spend much time on websites…if much rather be in my garden, my grove, or with my kids. 🙂

  5. Paula, I’ve also answered via email. Yes we are doing consultations and can have time Thurs. – Mon. of this week. Please email me a good day and time. Thanks! Great time to do it after rainfall, too.

  6. How far out are you and Miranda scheduling consultations? Do you have time to come to Vista in December? Maybe even before Christmas?

  7. Hi Susan,
    We’ll come to San Diego, and our time starts at your home. It sounds as if you are doing a lot of good things, but just need some tweaking. It is a good time now to do any earthworks, big or small, to harvest what rain we’ll be receiving. If you are interested in a site evaluation, please email me at Good luck with all you do!

  8. We live in the city of San Diego, have a NWF certification, 3 chickens now since April 2013, They have been free range and eating up plants, grasses, bugs. Getting more challenging! looks like we will have to keep them in their pen. Would love to have some guidance! My sages, etc are drying up. We are in clairemont/kearny mesa area. And on a budget, love what you are doing!

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